Gain Muscle with Professional Guidance
Weight Gain

Healthy Weight & Muscle Gain made easy with Herbalife Protein Diet Program. Real Breakthrough in Sports Nutrition.
Step 1 - You are fixing the nutritional values in your daily food and especially your breakfast.
Step 2 - Cellular Nutrition taken three to four times will increase the absorption of nutrients in the body cells from Herbalife Shakes and the regular food you eat.
Step 3 - Our protein and nutritional shakes taken three to four times a day with your regular meals. (I.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) will help you to start gaining healthy muscle weight quickly.
Step 4 - Your body will get all the vital nutrients and minerals, which are not available even in a balanced meal. Because of all the Nutrients your body will intake, with our weight gain program you will also feel more healthy, energetic, your resistance to diseases will increase etc.
Gaining Weight is easy and fun with Herbalife. This program can help personalize your wellness goals by providing essential nutrients and protein. A Wellness Coach will be available for support to help you achieve your 'Weight Management Goals'.

How does it work? See simple steps below: (will keep changing by our coach)

Gain Body Mass through comprehensive "Nutritional Health Program"

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